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Hopeville - This is available from PureFlix

Do you have what it takes to live out your values? Especially when you are met with stern opposition while trying to do what will even be of benefits to those opposing you. Most times we encounter difficult situations for us to grow so that the best in us can come out. Because you are on a noble cause does not mean you will have a smooth sail through easily. It is even more dangerous to not do anything when it is important your action is required. Just embark on the journey and you will know its fun facing challenges. This is what happened on the video/movies you are about to watch is titled Hopeville. The story of Amos is quite inspiring being an alcoholic in the past he came to his senses to go find his once abandoned son and in bid to reunite with his son and give him him love of a father which he earlier denied him, he met with stiff local opposition.

Hopeville tells the story of Amos, a reformed alcoholic on a mission to forge a relationship with his estranged son, Themba. When father and son arrive in the dusty town of Hopeville, they discover a mean little community where apathy, fear and suspicion are the order of the day. When Amos decides to restore the public swimming pool so that his son can pursue a swimming career, he is met with skepticism and resistance from the town's authorities and its inhabitants. Through patience, determination and above all courage, Amos' selfless acts ripples through Hopeville, inspiring others to take action and to do what they know is right. Slowly but surely, good ripples through Hopeville, transforming the town and its inhabitants for good.

Available: American Samoa, Canada, Micronesia, Federated States of, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, PR, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States, Virgin Islands, U.S

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