A Woman Precious as Rubies

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Has anyone considered you a failure?

What would have become of this boy if his mother had not make him and encouraged him he would do well in life? Probably he would be roaming the streets or become a nuisance to the society. But the boy was blessed with a mother a single mother. The woman earlier considered wicked by him and his brother later become a woman precious as rubies.

The class dummy and his performance in school was so worst he always came last in exams. Everyone considered him a failure and all hope about him was lost and he accepted his fate. Coming last in the class is a serious concern for this woman - a woman precious as rubies and she has to compel her children to read at least a book every week. And they must tell her what they read. There is no time for unchecked moment of play. What a disappointment for the boys! She couldn't have been our mother how would she not allow us play as much as we wish? They thought.

The wicked mother became a woman precious as rubies

Not long after the effort begin to pay off. This woman labored herself and encouraged her son earlier considered a never do well to become someone in life. Not just someone but a renowned personality. God used this man to save many lives. The dummy boy begin answer questions in class the the surprise of the so clever student. To cut the long story short, he became so knowledgeable and intelligent to the extent he dared many fits and excel in many attempted risks even involving life. He experienced many unusual breakthroughs. 

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