Ultralight Camping Stove

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The Last Camping Stove You'll Ever Buy It's Ultralight Too. You need Reliability & Simplicity in a stove One to last you many weekend trips to come Simple enough for your 9-year-old to use These are the ideas we've built ours from the ground up on. Control Your Cooking Never burn your hands again with a lighter, it's got a built-in Piezo Igniter. 3 min boiling time per 1 Liter of water 💧 Perfect for that chili or oatmeal on the go. Ultralight & Compact It's only 3.2 ounces (91 grams) Weighs less then a deck of cards You will feel the difference in weight in every step. This is a No-Brainer for people who like to enjoy the challenge of packing Ultralight 🌎 Save Our Environment Did you know, Sherpas hauled 24,000 pounds of trash off Everest in 2020. HALF of it was empty gas canisters. Don't carry a bunch of extra canisters. Your hurting your back and the environment Our stove uses fewer canisters. For the same boiling power. Built for Efficiency No need to buy & carry as many canisters. Saving your wallet and the environment. Your throwing out money with every canister by using in-efficient stoves. High Altitude Hiking Enjoy hiking mountains trails? Our customers sure do. Like Robert here taking our stove up Mt. Robson in the Canadian Rockies. That's over 13,000 feet (3,954m)! Sub-Zero Tested The cold doesn't bother you? Good. You're in the right place. Liquify snow in seconds with our stove. Even at -12° Fahrenheit (-24° Celsius) in the dead bitterness of winter, no problems. ⚙️ Built to Last the PCT Sturdy enough to last you every mile of the Pacific Crest Trail, twice over. Built with Forged Aluminum, you can bet this thing will out-live the rest of your gear.