HD Industrial Endoscope

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WORK SMARTERNOT HARDER Save time, money, and energy by finding the problem before you begin the job. This HD Industrial Endoscope gets into tiny spaces easily so you don't have to! LOCATE & IDENTIFY PROBLEMSWITHOUT THE PAIN OR HASSLE! Contractors, Mechanics, Plumbers, & anyone else can work smarter and faster, without breaking their backs getting into dark, dirty, & tiny spaces! Use - Our Smart Industrial Endoscope can be used to inspect almost anything! Use it to get an HD view into cars and engines, plumbing, firearm barrels, AC units, crawl spaces, and anything else you can imagine! Design - Designed to get in anywhere and see everything. 6 LED lights help in dark spaces, IP67 Waterproof design allows you to see blockage in water pipes & plumping. Two 1080p Cameras & an HD 4.3 inch screen allow you to see everything crystal clear! Convenient - Simple to use. No need to download additional apps or buy extra accessories, this is the perfect all-in-one tool! A detachable screen & camera make it easy to store away and transport. Built strong, durable, and drop-resistant, making this a great investment for years to come! PRODUCT FEATURES: -SPECS SCREEN SIZE -4.3 IN CABLE LENGTH -32 FT CAMERA DIAMETER -8 MM WATERPROOF CABLE -SAVE PHOTO & VIDEO -LIVE VIDEO PLAYBACK -RECHARGEABLE BATTERY -Industrial Endoscope Body -1 4.3IN Detachable HD Screen -1 32FT Flexible Camera Cable -1 Specialty Camera Caps -4 USB Charging Cable