Key Finder Artifact Whistle Key Lost-proof Device Voice Control Key Finder Accessory

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Product size:

5.5*3*1.5 cm

No key ring

Product Material: ABS + Electronic Components

Packaging: Plastic packaging, the weight is about 30 grams!

Are you still upset when you can't find the key? Professional production of intelligent voice control key chains, help you solve your troubles! In order to make it more convenient for the elderly and children to use, we specially configured a whistle.

Usage: You only need to hang the whistle finder with the key, open the switch on the back, whistle and emit dripping sound, you can find the key at any time. It can be put in a bag or other articles as a lost-proof device. It can also be used as a mobile phone attachment.

Effective range: generally about 8 to 10 meters, depending on the size of the individual whistle, the louder the whistle, the farther the distance.