Anti Theft Cut Off Switch

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Product Description

This is a long range 12VDC 1 channel wireless remote control switch. It comprises of a relay receiver and transmitter. The  transmitter and the remote control board, is suitable for many applications such as remote control of electric doors and Windows, industrial control, and the electric control circuit of lifting equipment and so on. But here, we are concerned with its use as anti-theft cut off switch. Because the Remote control switch contact output independently, it is very suitable for direct control of all kinds of load.

The products adopt wireless fixed code technology, it's omni-directional, and noninterference switch. Please, this mini remote control stability is extremely strong. Get the resources to use this product as an Anti-Theft device 


Brand new
Operating voltage: DC 12V
Operating current: ≤ 6 mA
Operating frequency: 433 MHz
Operating temperature: -40 to + 80°
Receiver sensitivity: ≥-105dbm
Output current: ≤ 7A
Battery: 12V 23A Battery (battery is included)
Code: Learn the code. (Jog / Non-Locked, Interlock / Locked, Auto-Lock / Auto-Locked)
Fuse Box Size: 4x3.5x2.5cm
Quantity: 1 Set

Package Contents: 

1 x Receiver (with Box)
1 x Transmitter (battery is included)

Note: This product include how to use and install as an Anti-theft device