Gifted Hands Can Get Your Heart Desire

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Do you have a daughter or a son you think is different from his peers? Do you think s/he has any of the below character traits? Then s/he must be a genius or otherwise has gifted hands. This means s/he can maneuver a situation or circumstances to bring out the best. The beginning may be rough and may be below average performance in school. However, with encouragement to work harder s/he will always come out on top. In addition to school works, encourage him/her to watch educational videos and read related books. Not only coming out on top, s/he will certainly bring out the best in him/her. Listed below are some of the traits.

  • Above average ability with numbers/jigsaw puzzles,
  • Keen powers of observation,
  • Vivid imagination,
  • Good sense of humor,
  • Variety of Interests,
  • Excellent memory,
  • Long attention span,
  • High degree of energy,
  • Above average language development,
  • Early/avid reader,
  • Preference for older/matured companions,
  • Unusual emotional depth and intensity and many more

We have an example in the man-neurosurgeon. As revealed in the video 'gifted hands', despite his rough background was able to make it to the top. 

The Gifted Hands

Do you think he is a slow learner then learn to encourage him/her as  the precious black woman did for her son. With the gifted hands, then s/he would be able to reach greater heights in life. Carson’s mother was the center of his early life who despite her little education, intelligence, strength and determination, instill in her son a strong work ethic. Not only that, she taught him to set high expectations for himself. At each level of his academic career, Carson started as a below-average performer. After much hard work, he always eventually moved up through the ranks to emerge at the top.

The movie 'Gifted Hands' tell the story of a frustrated young boy Benjamin S. Carlson with problems in school. But he overcame the problems to become a world-renowned neurosurgeon. While this is an inspiring story of determination, love, and faith from a man who rose from material poverty to become a well known neurosurgeon. At the same time, he is a best-selling author and a recipient of many awards.

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